Download a copy of the SMLife brochure

What is Soulmate Life?

It’s our new range of lifestyle menu packages that provides five days of breakfast, lunch and dinner for only £99 plus the option for additional snacks, juices and smoothies. The range of six dietary plans are focused on achieving Burn­­­­­, Balance, Build, Sirt/Paleo Friendly or Reset/Detox plus the option to create your own specific plan from any of the available options.

How do I get started?

It’s simple!

Create your Soulmate Life account by completing the relevant fields

  1. Create your Soulmate Life account by completing the relevant fields
  2. Select your desired plan Check you are happy with the meals shown; if you would like to replace any you can do this by simply clicking the ‘Change‘ button
  3. Select your first delivery date
  4. Enter your payment details to complete the order

You can check your order and delivery details in your account and will also receive an email confirmation.

When will my plan be delivered?

SoulmateLife delivers on a Sunday via Freshmove Logistics between 8am-10pm traffic and weather pending. Once your order is confirmed you will receive an email confirming the date of your delivery. Please note that once your food has left us your delivery time is out of our hands, please contact Freshmove Logistics direct with any delivery queries.

How quickly can I start?

Orders must be placed the Tuesday before your designated Sunday delivery. Any orders placed after the cut off will automatically roll over to the Sunday after.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the plans is £99 per week. Refrigerated hand delivery is included in this price. Due to increase when the site goes live.

How do my meals stay fresh for 5 days?

All foods are freshly prepared by our in-house chefs. These are then packed with ice packs and never leave a chilled environment, even in transport. Food is chilled at all times. Some of your meals will contain a ‘freezer symbol’ if they are to be eaten on a Thursday or Friday (days 4-5). They must be frozen on receipt and defrosted before eating later in the week in conjunction with your menu. Once received ALL meals should be refrigerated immediately. Some breakfasts that contain dairy are to be mixed together using the dry ingredients in the pots and the recipe card found in your box.

Can my meals be frozen?

Yes, some of your meals will contain a ‘freezer symbol’. if they are to be eaten on a Thursday or Friday (days 4-5) They must be frozen on receipt and defrosted before eating later in the week in conjunction with your menu. Meals are delivered fresh to your door and should be refrigerated as soon as received.

How can I keep track of my progress?

As well as being able to design the menu yourself all of our meals have been entered into the MyFitnessPal data base making it easy for you to log on and keep track.

What if I miss my delivery?

When placing your order please ensure you enter a valid address and safe place where someone will be in on a Sunday to take the delivery. If nobody is available to receive your Soulmate Life box it will be left in your designated safe place. If no safe place is specified and the courier is unable to deliver, a delivery charge of £25.00 will need to be made to have your order re delivered.

Can I change my order?

Yes, once an order is placed you can make changes until midnight Tuesday the week before your delivery. All orders are finalised and cannot be amended after midnight on Tuesday for the following Sunday.

Do I have to keep re-ordering every week?

No, all plans roll over to the following week unless you cancel your plan yourself so it’s easy to maintain and keep you on track with your health and fitness goals from week to week.

How do I cancel my plan?

Cancelling your plan is simple, just log into your account and click the cancel button, if a payment has been made for a delivery that has not yet been delivered you will be notified of the delivery date before you accept the cancellation. Please be aware that once a payment has been made you will not be able to cancel this box and we will be unable to authorise a refund.

When will payments be taken?

Your first payment will be taken when you place your initial order. Payments for subsequent weeks will fall on a Tuesday at midnight. Please be aware that depending on when you place your order some customers may have two payments taken in one week. Payments for Soulmate Life are taken 10 working days in advance so that customers have enough time to amend their menu to suit their needs. For example; Payment taken on 22/08/17 at midnight relates to a delivery on 03/09/17.

Why have you launched Soulmate Life?

Over the past 10 years our great team have worked with and learnt from the world’s top nutritionists, leading athletes and exclusive health clubs. We have seen the market change and have listened to what a growing group of consumers tell us they want. In response, we have created something revolutionary and pioneering in our new SoulmateLife service & digital platform.

SoulmateLife is an easy and modern way to access  the same incredible quality and nutritional innovation that we have long been associated with but also combined with ease of ordering and a perhaps more attainable price point for many middle-earners.

Does SoulmateLife replace your existing SoulmateFood meals and plans?

No way!  Soulmate Food remains our premium service that caters for clients who want personalised expert advice and have specific, intricate dietary preferences as well as a desire to use our full service with personalised snacks, ingredient preferences and intolerance/dietary options tailored in to their plan.

What is the difference between the two brands and options now available from Soulmatefood?

It’s a bit like the difference between Emporio Armani and AIX or eating at Jamie’s Fifteen rather than Jamie’s Italian. New customers for Soulmate Life can be confident that their food and service will draw upon all same commitment to quality and innovation that has been the cornerstone of our business for many years. But the new service is more “self-serve” via our online portal with fewer variations of menu options and without the ready access to a personal nutritionist service.

Why is there such a big price difference between the two brands?

Many of our clients need and value a highly tailored service from Soulmatefood with a nutritionist readily on hand at the end of a phone. But what we have also come to understand is that there can’t be a one size fits all approach, either to nutrition or the nature of our service.

With less individual customisation than for our existing Soulmatefood customers, there is more opportunity for us to buy larger quantities of fresh ingredients and so pass on those savings to our SoulmateLife Customers. Our new plans are also for five days a week rather than six, with just one delivery a week and not the same range of snacks and juices included.

I’m still a bit confused – which will be the best option for me?

No problem – just call us and we’ll be happy to talk through the best fit for you.

We’d say that Soulmatefood is still the right option for professional sports people or those individuals who put achieving peak performance or feeling and looking their best as a very high priority in their lives. They are also likely to value flexibility and having expert advice readily available to help them achieve their goals.

Early feedback has demonstrated that SoulmateLife works for a real breadth of customers from young professionals who want functional fuel that targets specific training and wellness goals; through to busy mums who are just increasingly “time poor” and want ‘smart food” that enables their active lifestyles.

We all make decisions about where we need or want to spend our hard earned cash. We believe that we can now offer more options and different price points that give you more choice for a much wider group of people.

Can I swap between SoulmateLife and Soulmatefood when I like?

Of course! If your priorities, lifestyle or budget changes then we are eager to ensure that we give the right solution for you. Most of our SoulmateLife customers see this is a style of eating that they’ll commit to for quite a while.

We’ll continue to give the option of four, eight or twelve week plans for Soulmate Life, with the opportunity for regular reviews with our nutritional team. It could well be that someone committed to high performance and the support that Soulmate Food provides might want to look at Soulmate Life for their partner or other family members.