Which plan should I use?

We have kept our most popular, core plans and brought them in to what we are calling our ‘lifestyle menus’. Here’s a little more information about the Plans we have on offer:


Protein 50%, Fat 30%, Carbs 20%

The Burn Plan is designed for people who have body composition targets or want to drop body fat. It’s ideal for managing weight/lean muscle mass and reducing body fat. This is because the meals are all high in protein and nutrients, as well as being low in fat, carbohydrates and calories. The high micronutrient content will ensure that vitamin and mineral intake is maintained, as well as increasing healthy fats. The Burn Plan can be tailored to individual tastes and preferences.

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Protein 35%, Carbs 35%, Fat 30%

The Balance Plan has been pioneered to provide fuel for training whilst maintaining body composition. It minimises body fat storage and provides fuel for training. There are a combination of meals from our Burn and Build plans so you can enjoy a variance of dishes; with a selection of delicious high protein dishes to support optimal performance. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a tasty and convenient way to achieve positive body composition changes. The Balance Plan contains an equal ratio of protein and carbs, so it is ideal for pre-or post training meals and clients looking to maintain weight and improve recovery. As with many of our other Plans, The Balance Plan can be tailored to individual tastes and preferences.

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Carbs 50%, Protein 30%, Fat 20%

The Build Plan has been created for clients aiming to increase muscle mass and endurance. This Plan is a great option for those who participate in high volume training, intensive training, or training twice or more a day, for sustained energy through high-carbohydrate intake. It is ideal for building lean muscle and bulking, improving energy and endurance, as well as pre-and post training meals for training and recovery.

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“Number one diet sensation of 2016”

Sirtfood is a term for a newly discovered, special group of wonder plant foods which, when eaten in the right quantities, turn on our“Skinny (sirtuin) Genes”. The normal growth processes stop when triggered, putting the body into a kind of ‘survival mode’- much like fasting. In ‘survival mode’ your body’s fat burning processes are stimulated – housekeeping genes are switched on, which help to naturally repair and rejuvenate cells. This cellular repair is said to help support the body in reducing its vulnerability to disease. The Sirtfood Diet is perfect if you want to boost your vitality and wellbeing, enhance your body composition and improve your long terms health and resistance to disease.

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After the after party

The Reset Menu is designed to maintain sustainable weight loss following our Juice Diet, but can alternatively be undertaken to reset & kick start the body. It contains a mix of our new plant power based dishes & light meals which are easy to digest. This menu is also ideal for those looking to create a pescatarian or complete vegetarian plan. All you have to do is replace meat based dishes with our new ‘V’ range.

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Your macros – your choice

The Custom Plan is whatever you want it to be! You have the flexibility to choose meals from all the dishes available across the plans we offer. This may be a Burn breakfast, a Sirt Lunch and a Build dinner. You control your diet and make it suit your lifestyle. You can even involve your Personal Trainer or Nutritionist to design or adjust your menu in conjunction with your training goals. You can Reset on a Monday after a heavy weekend, Build on a Tuesday before your training session and Balance on a Wednesday… you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want! No set plan, no dictated meals, all your choice.

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